7 Things No One Tells You About Infertility

There are certain truths no one tells you about infertility. Usually, it is because they haven’t discovered them yet so they can’t divulge the secrets. These are the seven things I discovered and wish someone had told me as I entered the infertility world.

  1. You will develop a stronger relationship with your husband because you’ll be asked and have to answer questions together most people in your circle of friends never have thought of (i.e. What will you do with extra embryos from IVF?).
  2. Your heart will burst 1000 times over with love when you think about your niece and nephew. Your love multiplies every time you see them. They remind you that no matter what babies lie ahead for you in the future, you are extremely grateful to have known these two people from the very beginning of their lives.
  3. You will marvel at pregnant bellies wondering who is the little soul in there. If you know the mama you will still ask if you can touch her belly to feel the baby move. The magic of it is always worth it.
  4. You will develop deep relationships with other women who are walking similar paths to parenthood as you. These bonds will be lifelong.
  5. You are grateful that your body withstood everything you presented it with – every appointment, shot, blood draw, procedure and medication you gave it. You love and care for it even more because you realize you are working in partnership with it in pursuit of conceiving your own baby, not against it.
  6. You realize you are braver than you ever imagined and more capable than you ever believed. You’ve proven that to yourself dozens of times over on this journey.
  7. You end up believing all babies are miracles.

These are just a few of the truths I’ve uncovered. What truths do you have? Share them with me.

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