A Note to Every Sad Future Mama on Mother’s Day

Dear Future Mama,

I know this day is hard. I know that you want it to be something that it is not. There are dreams and visions you had expected to be fulfilled by now so that you could celebrate this day as a mother. Today is another day that those dreams and visions aren’t realized yet. I have a few thoughts for you.

It seems like the world is full of happy mamas today, doesn’t it? Picture after picture posted on social media of mothers and their children. But the truth is among them there are some happy mamas, but also frustrated mamas, upset mamas, disappointed mamas, grieving mamas and in your case, sad future mamas.

But why are you so sad? You want this day to be full of laughter and love but most of all recognition. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the recognition you want now. You know how hard you are fighting to become a mother. You know every appointment, test, procedure, medication, injection, and blood draw you’ve done. You know how hard you are working to make this all happen. The rest of the world hasn’t yet seen the evidence of your hard work yet but you know all that you’ve put into it. Own that. Recognize that for yourself. Be proud of it.

Lastly, for all the women that are still on their journey to motherhood, be kind to yourself today. The world may not understand it, but you are already a mother because you hold the dream in your heart. Honor that and be gentle with yourself. Take care of yourself and recognize that this is just one day in a series of many days in pursuit of your dream. Love yourself more than ever today.  You have that power. Choose love over sadness. Trust me, it feels better.



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