Infertility has a way of finding all of the cracks in your relationships and stress testing them. It’s a side effect of the infertility diagnosis that no one mentions up front. 

When I was struggling with infertility, so many relationships in my life changed. And it was painful to go through. Very emotionally painful.

I wanted to connect with people in my life I loved, but I had trouble being authentic and honest about what I was experiencing. 

Therapy helped me to a point, but I needed something more if I was not going to lose every important relationship in my life. I needed a thinking partner and a guide to get through this. That’s when I invested in a life coach. 

Working with a coach made a world of difference to improve my mental health and my relationships. I stopped feeling stuck and sad about infertility. I moved forward with the goals I had beyond my fertility. I started to feel authentic in my everyday life while going through fertility treatment. I also was able to repair, reconnect, and revive the relationships that were most important to me that had suffered while I was dealing with infertility. 

I also stopped putting up with my own drama. It was exactly what I needed to get to my goal of motherhood. I am convinced my son is here now because I learned how to coach myself through the hard parts of infertility. 

Coaching is that powerful. Once you know how to do it, it will change your life forever.  

This is the reason I became a certified Life Coach. To help women like you navigate all of the hard things that come up on your way from infertility to motherhood. 

If you’re tired of the relationships in your life suffering because of infertility, I can help you fix them. And I can help you get to your goal of motherhood faster and with fewer tears. 

I am your thinking partner and guide through it all. I am your Infertility Life Coach.

Cara Gauthier

Speak with me directly and learn how you can fix the relationships in your life that have been damaged by infertility. 

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