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Ep #1: Moving Through Infertility Limbo

Are you feeling stuck in infertility limbo? Unable to gain traction to move forward?

That’s not your fault. Most people feel stuck because they don’t realize that is actually keeping them where they are. 

They attribute it to the many external circumstances that contribute to infertility but none of those things are the issue.

Feeling stuck is an emotion and byproduct of thought patterns you have created. 

What would your life be like if you never felt stuck?

In this episode I break down why you are stuck in infertility limbo and what you can do to start moving through that experience in time. 

Grab your copy of the Infertility Mental Health Checklist. It covers nine life coaching tools that can help you get through the struggle with your sanity. 


  • What happens when you experience feeling stuck.
  • How we create this emotion for ourselves.
  • How to move through infertility limbo in a mentally healthy way.
  • Why your emotions are ruling your life.
  • The best tool to help you manage your mental health during infertility.

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Infertility Mental Health Checklist

Managing your mental health during infertility can be a challenge. With this checklist, you’ll learn nine tools to help you get through the struggle with your sanity.