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Ep #3: The Ultimate Goal Of Infertility

Defining the goal of infertility is an important step to getting through it but you may be focusing your energy on the wrong goal. More often than not we define the goal as having something in the end (i.e. a baby). This can leave us feeling unfulfilled as we’re navigating infertility. Shifting your goal from having a baby to experiencing motherhood can have a profound impact on the outcome you’re seeking. This is because it creates an internal shift where you automatically start focusing on your own personal growth rather than your possessions.

When we make  goals that focused on possessions (i.e. having a baby) we outsource our ability to achieve them. What we are really after with infertility is to feel something different than what we are currently feeling right now. If you want to take control over what you are feeling you must take control over what you are choosing to think. Embracing that idea of who you are becoming will shift the energy away from grasping at what you want and focus it on making decisions to improve yourself so that your life aligns with what you want it to be.

Focusing on what you want to be instead of what you want to have will be the road map that you need to get through the tough moments head. Self coaching is meant to help you through those tough moments on your journey for what you want to become.

  • How to focus your goal so that it is actually attainable.
  • Shifting from wanting to have something to wanting to be something.
  • How evolving as a person will help you get to the goal of motherhood faster.
  • Why you need to focus inward to get what you want in life.

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