Failing Infertility Successfully

Ep #4: Dealing With Repeated Failure

Failure isn’t a new concept with infertility. In fact, there is something to fail at with almost every step of the process. A failed cycle, failed retrieval, failed transfer, failed beta, let alone the multiple tests your body can be measured against to fail in comparison.

If you are going through infertility you have had a good dose of failure already to get to your diagnosis. However, to get through it and onto your ultimate goal you must be willing to continue to experience failure. In this episode you’ll learn how to deal with repeated failure while continuing to move forward towards your goal.

Failure comes down to recognizing that something we intended didn’t turn out as we expected it to and the outcome was something different than what we wanted. To combat the feeling of failure people lower their expectations so that they will not experience it. This does two things: detracts from us achieving our goals and protests us from something we have complete control over (our emotions).

Essentially we want to avoid failing because we don’t want to experience the feeling of failure. We are afraid of a feeling – a simple vibration in our bodies. The truth is that we are in complete control over having the experience of failure at any moment because it is a feeling being driven by the thoughts we are thinking. We can control what we think when we don’t meet our own expectations and therefor how we feel in the process.


  • What failure actual is and how it influences your actions.
  • How to recognize the story you tell yourself around your failures.
  • Shifting what failure means to you.
  • The role of self love in the process of failure.
  • Why you need to refocus your attention to your ultimate goal to keep going.

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