Fear and Fertility Challenges

Ep #5: Fear Of The Unknown

Fear is a dominant emotion during infertility and drives many decisions. There are many things to be fearful of when undergoing fertility treatment but none is more prominent than the fear of the unknown.

This episode covers the role fear plays in our path to motherhood and how to deal with fear of the unknown especially if you have unexplained infertility.

Fear is an emotion created by thoughts in our minds. Emotions are vibrations in our bodies caused by our thinking. During infertility it is easy to create thoughts that conjures the emotion of fear. Infertility is structured around the emotion of fear, either feeling it or trying to avoid feeling it.

We create a story during infertility with a series of thoughts that drive the experience we have. The thoughts we use  often reinforce our infertility status and keep us stuck where we are at. Many times we are fearful of the unknown future that is possibly ahead. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing to the point of keeping us confused about what we should do. Confusion is an emotion that never serves us to indulge in and it will never help us get to our end goals.

The future is unknown but fearing the unknown is not helpful to overcome the obstacles in your path. The emotion of fear is not harmful if you allow it. Using fear as an excuse to not go after your goals will never help you get where you want to be.

Fear will always be present in the infertility process. To get through it we need to learn now to live with fear and not amplify its influence on us. We musts keep taking action towards our goals, knowing that fear isn’t a reason to stop pursuing them.

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  • Where the emotion of fear comes from.
  • The role fear plays with unexplained infertility.
  • How confusion will undermine your momentum towards your goals.
  • Why you need to move forward even when fear is present.

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