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Ep #6: Mentality Choices

Mentality plays a huge role in the success of achieving your goals. Understanding which mentality you are carrying around with you is important to uncover where your mindset might be hindering your progress. This episode addressed the mentality choices available when dealing with infertility. 

Mentality comes from the thoughts running through our heads. Sometimes we are aware of them and other times we are not. There are three mentality types that play out with infertility. 

The most common mentality with infertility is the victim mentality. The entire infertility industry thrives on promoting this way of thinking. It gets perpetuated by blaming someone else for the way you feel. This could be blaming a coworker for making you feel sad after she announces her pregnancy or blaming a fertility clinic because the price of treatment is a stretch for your budget. All of these scenarios place you into the victim mentality by recycling the same thoughts that outsource the way you feel. When you look to other people to decide how you feel, that is the victim mentality. It is essentially giving them all the power for how you feel emotionally during the experience of infertility. 

The second mentality is the hero mentality. When you adopt this way of thinking you take reasonability for the way you feel 100% of the time. You understand that your thoughts create you feelings and lead to your results. People operating int eh hero mentality feel empowered in their lives because they know that no one else is responsible for the way they feel. 

The third mentality is the understudy mentality. This is when someone is learning the tools of mind management and learning how to implement them in their lives but hasn’t fully stepped into hero mentality. This a very common mentality for people who begin working with a life coach and doing thought work for mind management. 

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  • The role mentality plays with success during infertility.
  • How the victim mentality is perpetuated.
  • Why focusing on your mentality and mindset is valuable.
  • Why you need to understand which mentality you possess now and how it is impacting your progress..

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