Powerful Questions

Ep #7: Powerful Questions

The infertility experience is a constant quest for answers. With thousands of thoughts flowing through our brains every day we need a way to direct what we are thinking. Questions help us do that and are how we tell our brains what to focus on. If you want to get to the best answers for your situation and life, you need to ask powerful questions that will prompt your brain to discover the answers for you.

One phrase that can block answers from coming to you is ‘I don’t know.’ By telling this to yourself you are blocking the answer from coming to you. Instead of ‘I don’t know’ shift into telling yourself, ‘I’m learning’ or ‘I’m figuring it out.’ This allows space for you to access the answers your brain can offer up and doesn’t block the wisdom you are capable of creating in your life. 

Answers will only be as good as the questions that prompt them. Many times we pose disempowering questions to ourselves and expect great answers. Disempowering questions include ‘Why is this happening to me?’ and ‘When will this be over?’ Questions like that don’t tap into your empowering beliefs about the future. You can decide if a question is empowering to you and if not, change it. 

If you want great answers, you must ask great questions. When you are inquisitive you can help you brain focus on what to think. Most of us don’t deliberately choose what we are thinking. 

Feelings are signals for us to find out what we are thinking and just becoming aware of our thoughts is hugely helpful. The best question to ask that will uncover how you really think about something is ‘Why?’.

Asking high quality questions will help you get to high quality answers. Don’t be afraid to let your brain tackle questions that initially seem complicated or uncomfortable. Growth is in the difficult parts. 


What You Will Learn
  • The power of having your brain answer questions. 
  • What stops your brain from producing answers. 
  • How to ask high quality questions.
  • The most powerful question you can ask yourself. 

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