Happier When

Ep #9: Happier When

The illusion of happiness in the future fills our minds during infertility. We attach so many ideas that we will be happier when we’ve had the first-hand experience of giving birth or bringing our baby home from the hospital. While these visions are expected, all of the happiness you anticipate to feel at those events is available to you right now.

Happiness is an emotion. All emotions are vibrations in our bodies caused by our thinking. Every emotion that you have is preceded by a thought. During infertility we expect to feel happier when the missing puzzle piece – the baby – appears is part of our lives. However, no emotion is directly linked to an external circumstance. Thoughts always create feelings, so there must be a sentence in your mind that is driving the feeling of happiness in your body.

Thinking you will be happier when an external circumstance changes keeps your emotions beholden to the changes of the world around you. Luckily you don’t have to wait until something external changes. You don’t have to wait to be happier when. You can be happy right now.

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