Getting Your Intuition Back On Track And Why It Matters For Infertility

How connected are you with your intuition? During infertility, it can seem as if our intuition has gone off the rails and we’re completely out of touch with what we want. After all, it is from our desires in life where we find our guidance to move forward. That is why it is more important than ever to get it back on track now as you navigate the challenges ahead.

Every person has intuition which is directed by their desires. From what we want, we determine where we’re supposed to go. Sometimes we mistakenly label negative thinking as intuition but it is not. Our thoughts of fear and doubt will manifest in our bodies as signs not to do something and if we are buried under our negative programming we will not be able to access what those true, real desires are.

To get our intuition back on track we have to clean up our negative thinking in order to access our true desires. This happens by identifying what are negative thoughts and emotions, and what is the truth. The more work you do to clean up your mind, the greater access you will have to what you truly want. The more you start living in line with deliberate thinking, the more you’re going to access and connect to yourself.

This is so important because the key to your intuition is really knowing yourself.  Start by spending time paying attention, accepting and then accessing your own wisdom. Spend time getting to know yourself so that you know what is the difference between negative thinking and intuition in your mind. The more connected you are with yourself the easier it will be to access your true desires and then go after them.

This will help you set your compass point and go after the goals that align with your vision for life. It will take all of the confusion out of your infertility experience and offer you clarity on what to do next.

Connecting with your intuition is a skill and one worth investing time into especially if you are facing fertility challenges. During infertility there are many moments where negative thinking will arise. If you listen to those thoughts and follow them, they will not be true to what your heart really wants.

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