How Close Are You To Your Future Self?

Throughout life we are always becoming someone. Every day offers us a new opportunity to figure out who that is. Most of the time we are too caught up thinking about who we are today and even more so thinking about who we were yesterday than we are about thinking of the future.

But who is that future version of you? What does she have? Where does she live? How does she think? Because we are always on a a trajectory of becoming someone in life, it is significant to think about who we want that person to be. If you really look at it, how close are you to that future version of yourself now?

Your brain likes to think in terms of the past. What have you already achieved, where have you already been, what you’ve already done. It uses this information as evidence to makes decisions about what you are capable of in the future. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make when deciding what we can and cannot do.

Your past, no matter how difficult or troublesome, has no bearing on you now. I know that seems crazy but it is true because your past only exists in how you currently think about it. Nothing more.

The same is true about the future. It is only made up of the current thoughts you are having about it now. The difference though lies in the possibility. If you look to the past to decide what you are capable of you will find all kinds of limitations. But if you look to the future and think in terms of your future self, the possibilities are endless.

The truth is, no matter where you are today, you can create an incredible life ahead of you by living from your future, igniting your imagination, evoking your possibility, and living in inspiration. When you do this the world unfolds and your future self is there waiting for you to step into her.

Right now you are just one thought away from your future self. What is stopping you from becoming her?

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