How To Fail and Still Reach Your Goals

Why doesn’t everyone achieve the goals they set for themselves in life? Why are we all not super successful or happy or healthy or wealthy? Why can’t we just move forward towards the things we want?

Because we are afraid to fail.

Fear of failure is the number one reason you are not living the life you want to be. It is why you didn’t step outside of your comfort zone and take risks. It is why you are unhappy and dissatisfied with the decisions you have made. It is why you feel stuck where you are.

If you lower your expectations you can avoid failure altogether. You can muddle along through life and never ever feel it, but you also never really feel success either. Both failure and success are feelings, which means they are triggered by our thinking.

Failure is what you feel when you don’t meet your own expectations. Success is what you feel when you do. But perhaps the most significant difference between the two is what you do after you have the feeling. Most of the time, failure causes us to stall and spin out. We stop taking action and give up on moving forward. We may even decide that it means something terrible about our ability and worth.

So how do you end up meeting your own expectations? You fail. A lot. You try, execute, and evaluate – regardless of the outcome. In the process, you learn how to fail without making it mean anything terrible about you. To take everything in as information to move forward and not hold you back.

If you decide ahead of time that when you fail, you will not make it mean anything negative about you, then why would you not put yourself out there and go after the goals you have? If you aren’t trying to avoid the feeling of failure and instead become okay with it being part of the process you can fail hundreds of times and still reach your goals.

Learning how to do this will build your strength and confidence. When we learn how to fail and get back up and try again, we build a skill that gets better each time we practice it. Keep practicing, keep failing, and keep moving forward.

Ready to learn how to fail your way to your goals? Let me teach you how.

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