Infertility and Adventures In Unconditional Love

At the center of life is love. Truly. Everyone wants to feel love and belonging and with 7.6 billion people on the planet, it is something we all have in common. Sometimes when I’m scrolling through social media I have to remind myself of this. We’re all on a love seeking quest in life.

When life is going well and everything is lining up the way we wanted, it is easy to experience love. But when life is not panning out the way we had hoped and we take another pregnancy test that turns up negative, it is easy to forget about love – for ourselves or for others.

Fundamentally love is just an emotion felt in the body created by thoughts. It is a vibration that we create for ourselves and it is always available. Whether we choose to access it or not us up to us.

During infertility we make all kinds of decisions every day about love – who we will love, how we will love, who we will not love. It can be exhausting to navigate, but important to understand that we are always the origin of love in our lives. No one else.

When you choose not to feel love, it never hurts the person you are withholding it from. It only ever hurts you. Why? Because you are at the source of it. If you choose to love everyone, it doesn’t necessarily benefit all of them but it certainly benefits you. If you think this way, you get to always be around people that you love.

Who are you withholding love from right now? How does that make you feel? Probably not very good. How would you feel if you chose to love them today, as they are? Think about it. Remember, you always get to decide how you feel.

Want to learn more about turning to love during times of hardship? Reach out to me for a free strategy session to get started.

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