Is Self-Doubt is Robbing You of Your Dreams?

Regardless of who you are or where you live, how much money you have or don’t have, what has gone well for you or what you have struggled through – everyone experiences self-doubt in their lifetime. Even the most successful people we know of have moments of self-doubt and question their ability to do something. It is an uncomfortable feeling to have but it is part of the human experience. We’ve all had moments of self-doubt in our past although too many times we let it get in the way of us achieving our dreams. Is that happening to you right now?

Feelings of self-doubt stem from thoughts about our own ability. Whenever we set a goal we must go through waves of self-doubt to reach it. Self-doubt is a normal part of the process of life. If we all experience self-doubt, why does it stop some of us from achieving our dreams and not others? Whenever self-doubt is the reason we don’t move forward with something it is because we let it be. We give in to the thoughts that conjure those feelings.

Any goal you set should feel like a challenge. Without challenge there is no growth, no evolution. It is important to remember that self-doubt is a choice. You are in charge of the thoughts you have that trigger that emotion. You can choose to doubt yourself or not. It is completely up to you.

Taking action from a place of self-confidence instead of a place of self-doubt doesn’t happen by chance, but by deliberate thinking.¬†Whenever you make the choice to evolve to go after the next best version of yourself and to achieve something new, you are going to be experience self-doubt. Every single time.

Accept it, embrace it, and keep going.

It is easy to avoid self-doubt if you want to. Just never set a goal higher than you know you can reach. Self-doubt will never surface if you stay within your comfort zone. No discomfort means no self-doubt. It also means no growth.

Think about a baby learning how to walk for the first time. Does self-doubt get in the way of them figuring it out? No. They don’t even know that they can’t do it, just that they haven’t done it yet. Eventually, they take those first few steps and everyone acknowledges what a huge accomplishment that is. They then become toddlers, a noteworthy title for this achievement. If babies were capable of wallowing in their own self-doubt they may never move on to become toddlers.

If you are really on the road to your dreams it won’t be easy all of the time. It won’t be comfortable. You will experience self-doubt and that is completely normal and okay. The difference is calling it out for what it is and not giving in to the thoughts that question your capabilities. Will you let it stop you from reaching your dreams? You get to decide.

You can do it. You just haven’t done it yet.

How proud would you be to overcome your self-doubt and move forward toward your goals? If you are ready to get started, book a free strategy session with me to jump-start your progress.

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