Process vs Product: The Recipe For Success In Life

During seasons of struggle in life people often shut down. They don’t allow their minds to explore the possibility of other options to help them figure out what to do next. Call it tunnel vision, but we end up so very focused on the end product that we forget about all of the life that will be lived up until that time. We focus on the product (the end) instead of the process (every moment until the end).

What are you really focused on right now? What process are you going through to get it? Here are a few things I uncovered when I started to focus on the process instead of the end product to my problems.

The process of learning is delightful. It helps me uncover how to solve my problems. I don’t try to rush it by focusing on how far I have yet to go. I don’t compare myself to others who can do it better. I don’t try to hide my mistakes.

The point is not the result. The result is a given. There’s no rush or judgment. I use the result only as a way to adjust and focus, not to beat myself up. I never doubt that I will get there. I enjoy the process. I never give up.

Becoming process focused happens when you repeat these stages:

  • Learning
  • Understanding
  • Practicing
  • Making mistakes
  • Getting feedback
  • Practicing
  • Making fewer mistakes

And over and over again. Really that is what life is all about. When you fall into enjoying the process of going after the things you want in life, the recipe for success becomes much clearer. To me it comes down to these truths:

  • The more and better you practice, the better you get
  • The more mistakes you make, the better you get
  • The better attitude you have, the more willing you are to make mistakes
  • The more you enjoy the process, the better your result will be

Think about that from the standpoint of growing your family. Are you focused on the process or the end product? In the end, the process is all we have because we are constantly evolving. Every moment of every day.

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