Some People Excel at Weight Loss and Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

I coach women struggling with their fertility that want to lose weight. Some of them excel quickly through my program and others take more time to reach their goal. What have I noticed is the difference between the two? It all comes down to her ability to take massive action or not.

When you anticipate obstacles and are willing to fail, try again, fail, take more action and keep going, then you are taking massive action. It is the action you take and continue to take until you reach your goal. When you set a goal weight and make deliberate choices every day that move the scale in that direction, learning about yourself along the way, that is massive action.

My clients that take massive action don’t succeed every time they do something new. They fail. A lot. They may change something in their protocol and gain weight one week. Or they go through and episode of fog eating and can’t remember what they put in their mouth all morning. They may be extra challenged through the holidays or family gatherings when they don’t want to stick to their protocol.

The difference, though, is that they don’t stop working towards their goal. They evaluate what they did that didn’t give them the result they wanted and then they make changes. Big changes. And then they observe and evaluate those results.

When you are taking massive action you will be running up against your obstacles frequently because you are challenging yourself.  You will be forced to try big things. You will not waste time dallying to get the results you want.

If you aren’t taking massive action towards your goals, then you are taking passive action. In passive action there is no risk involved. You think about doing things but you don’t actually follow through to make them happen. You hide and avoid failing so that no one will see and no one will know that you didn’t do it right. This slows you down significantly from getting to your goal. It is the reason it will take you longer to get there.

When you take massive action you will likely have moments that are embarrassing for you because other people will see what you failed at. That’s good. That means you are showing up in your own life and working towards the things you want. You are on your way to achieving you goals.

The same is true with navigating fertility challenges. What will be the right combination of timing, ART, fertility medication and love that will help you conceive your baby? You don’t know yet but if you are willing to take massive action, I promise you, you will figure it out faster than others that are not.

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