The Best Reason To Pursue Motherhood

What is the reason you want to become a mother?

Is it because you want to be pregnant?

Is it because you want to have the experience of giving birth?

Is it to have play dates in the park with your friends’ children?

Is it because you want Mothers Day to be more bearable?

Is it because you feel pressure from your family members to have a baby?

Is it because you want to be just like your own mother?

Is it because you want to be nothing like your own mother?

Is it because you believe other people will like you more? That you’ll fit in more?

Is it because you think you’ll feel more complete with a baby in your arms?

Or is it because that is the only way you think you will be happy again?

Whatever the reason is you want to become a mother, it is your reason. Each one of us will answer that question differently. The best reason to pursue motherhood is for the reason that resonates most with you.

But think about it for a minute. What is the reason you want to be a mother?

Write it down. Read it a few times.

Do you really like the reason you chose? Many times we follow pursuits in life without really understanding the reason we are going after them. We never stop ourselves long enough to check in and ask.

The biggest misconception I see about this is the idea that a baby will make us happy. Babies can’t make us happy. Only we can do that.

When we look for happiness in something outside of ourselves, we end up searching on a long road that is paved with disappointment. We forget that happiness never lies in something else. We always have the power to create our own happiness at any moment because we have power over our thoughts. Every minute of every day.

Need help figuring out your reason?  I can help you.

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