The Secret Currency To Your Dreams

We all set out on a path in life to our dreams with different ideas of how to get there. For some of us that comes easily while others of us struggle along the way and never get to the place of living our dream life. Why not? What is preventing you from living the most amazing life possible? Most commonly people think it is money, or wealth of some kind but it is nothing like that at all.

When you are willing to be present with discomfort, then your dreams will fall into place. I know, I know – discomfort, really? Yes, really. Hear me out on this.

There are two parts to the secret currency to your dreams. The first is your own well-being. Your path to well-being is the way to get to your dreams. Well-being comes from within. It is created by you, for you.

Well-being is achieve when you are present with your own discomfort. When you don’t check out of a negative situation by eating, or drinking, or endlessly scrolling on social media, or procrastinating, or avoiding big goals because they are big goals, and learn to be present with discomfort, then you add to your own well-being. When you stay present in your life and don’t check out, then you can experience the pleasure of confidence that comes from tuning in to yourself and testing your own potential.

Not reacting when things get hard is another element that contributes to overall well-being on the way to your dreams. When you react to negative emotion you look for ways to blame other people, offload your own emotional responsibility, and not show up in a way that serves you or the rest of the world. When you are in reaction mode, you do not have a strong sense of well-being and purpose.

Why is this so important?

Of course you could avoid it all completely. You can avoid discomfort and react to negative emotion and pursue pleasure at the expense of well-being, but you will be compromising your dreams at every turn. The momentary pleasures that are offered to us constantly are temporary and fleeting and come from forces outside of ourselves. If you depend on these things for pleasure you will always come up short-changed and feel inadequate.

The good news is that when your pleasure and comfort come from within you, you will likely feel confident. You won’t need external things to help manage your internal life. Managing your mind is all you need.

When you learn how to be present with discomfort and allow negative emotions into your life, there isn’t anything you can’t experience.  If you are spending time trying to avoid discomfort, then you are navigating a landmine of situations that could trigger negative emotion for you. On this path it will be a long road to your dreams. Sound like a familiar situation? Talk to me about it to turn things around.

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