Stop Trying to Lose Weight and Start Building Your Health Instead

“Drop the pounds.” That is the order you’ve been given by your doctor. Easier said than done, right? If he only knew how hard you’ve tried and tried to lose the weight before.

If he only knew that you think about the number you see on the scale constantly and mentally beat yourself up over it.

If he only knew the complicated relationship you’ve developed with yourself and your body not only because of your weight but also because of infertility.

If only he knew how helpless you feel around food.

If he only knew, then he would understand.

So much of the diet industry is focused on numbers. Calories, pounds, and dress sizes are all weighed and measured, tracked and tallied. We use them to compare ourselves to the world around us and to make sense of everything. That seems fine until we start associating numbers with our own worth. Then we create a lot of if/then statements in our lives.

If I weighed less, then I will be eligible for fertility treatment.

If I could stop eating incessantly, then I would be happy.

If I could get skinny, then I will be worthy of my dreams.

The problem with creating so many if/then statements is that we box ourselves into a mentality of all that we are not and all that we do not have. It is a classic mindset of scarcity and one that does not bring us any closer to our goals.

The feeling of lack will never server you in pursuit of your dreams. Let it go, offer it up, and choose something else to focus on.

I offer my clients to stop thinking about losing weight and shift into thinking about building their health. When they do this they make decisions that come from a place of abundance and help propel them forward. They start to think about what they are adding to their life and it feels a lot better than thinking about what they are missing out on.

That simple shift in what you are allowing yourself to have versus what you are taking away from your life will change how you see yourself. Change how you make decisions. Change how you show up in the world.

And, over time, it will change the number you see on the scale as well.

Instead of thinking about what you are giving up, try thinking about what you are gaining. True wellness comes from a genuine desire to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

If you want to stop obsessing over weight loss and make a more sustainable, permanent shift with how you think about food and your weight, schedule a free strategy session to speak with me about it.

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