Three Things You Must Do After an Infertility Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with infertility can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially if there isn’t a clear reason why you aren’t getting pregnant on your own. You are probably wondering, what do I do next? Before you jump onto Google to start looking for answers, pause for a minute. Breathe. Then do these things before anything else.

  1. Choose Love – All of the information that lead to this diagnosis came with a great deal of struggle. In this moment it would be easy to hate your body or your partner or yourself. But this is where love is needed more than ever. If you have been diagnosed with infertility there are a lot of negative emotions that are available to you. Instead of indulging with them, choose to love yourself more than you ever have before. Showing compassion for yourself will help you gain alignment so that you decrease your own suffering. Choose to fight against it and you will exacerbate your own suffering during this process.
  2. Allow Grief – If you have reached the point of being diagnosed with infertility, then you have held on to a dream of becoming a mother for a long time. You probably feel some pretty intense negative emotions about having trouble conceiving on your own and now needing assistance to get pregnant. Give yourself the space to grieve that and to actually allow the feelings you have to surface. You don’t need to react to them, but acknowledge that they are present. Invite them in. Sit with them for a while. Know that they are temporary while you process this stage of your journey and that is okay.
  3. Define the Meaning – Remember, infertility is a medical diagnosis based off of anatomy, timing, and effort. Ultimately it only means that you haven’t been able to have a baby yet. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to become a parent. It doesn’t mean your body is defective. It doesn’t mean that you will never become a mother. It simply means you haven’t become a mother yet. It is just a description of where you are at in your journey. Don’t make it mean anything more beyond that.

These are the first steps to help you keep going through the initial infertility diagnosis. If you need help with any of them, I offer free coaching each week for a limited number of people. Want to be one of them? Claim your free strategy session here now.

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