What Are You Really Hungry For?

What are you really hungry for?

I ask my clients this question when we start working together. Have you ever answered that question for yourself? Your answer might surprise you.

What are you really hungry for?

Many times we think we are hungry enough to justify that cookie, second helping of pasta, or frappuccino from the drive-through. We may have convinced ourselves that we need it.

But are you really hungry for it?

To understand how hunger works you have to know that there are two different types: physical and emotional. The physical hunger that we feel in our bodies is much different than the emotional hunger that comes from our brains. But we confuse them all the time. When we run into things that are emotionally challenging, we reach for food as a solution. We use it as an excuse to not have to feel our emotions. We eat them instead.

That’s how we were taught, right? When sad, just eat the cookie or ice cream or comfort food and it will all feel better.

Perhaps, but only momentarily. When we step back and look at it, we are trying to fill a void by eating instead of dealing with the root of the problem. Most of the time we are really are craving something else like love, attention or worthiness. Something we don’t know how to have but think that food will fix.

Every time you eat when you are physically not hungry, you are emotionally overeating.

What’s your reason for doing it?

I get it, infertility is hard. Building a family is hard. Putting your heart on the line for something that isn’t guaranteed is hard. Add on to that struggling with your weight and your size and you have a guaranteed recipe for suffering.

Sound familiar?

Learning how to process your emotions and feel them instead of eating is a skill many people don’t know how to do. It is not common knowledge, but learning how to do it will change your life. It will change your future. It can change your fertility.

If you want to learn how to do it for yourself, set up a free strategy session with me to get started.

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