Stop feeling so sad on your way to motherhood.

I've been where you are.

You just experienced a miscarriage after fertility treatment. Your heart is broken and although you’ve received support you can’t seem to work through your grief to feel better, let alone keep going forward trying to conceive. You’re scared to try again at the thought of having another loss.

And to deal with it all, you think about giving up on your dream of motherhood.

You are overwhelmed, you are sad, and you saw another pregnancy announcement on social media today that made you feel awful. There are so many things that come up when you are trying to conceive and navigate your own grief at the same time. 

I understand. I can help you.

My program is the perfect solution for women trying to conceive who have experienced a pregnancy loss, want to figure out how to continue moving forward towards motherhood. I’ll help you process the grief you’re carrying and teach you how to make the right decision for you to do next that will move you closer to becoming a mom. We’ll also look into the belief systems you have about your fertility and your own ability to become the person you want to be in life. 

How It Works

I am a certified life and weight coach and only work with women who are struggling with infertility. All of my coaching is done with online video conferencing which is a great way for us to connect no matter where you are in the world. 

Working with me you will get personal, one-on-one coaching and attention. Your situation is unique to you and I will honor that. During our session together you’ll learn how your brain is holding holding you back from processing your grief and pursuing your dreams. Plus you’ll gain more self confidence as you prepare for whatever path you choose to take for motherhood. I’m there every step of the way. 

What You Get

Once you’ve completed my program, you will no longer fear the possibilities of the future. You’ll have a better understanding of how your brain works and be able to think deliberately and coach yourself through all of the TTC challenges ahead. Best of all, you’ll gain clarity on what you should do next to keep you moving towards your goal of motherhood. 

Where To Start

If you are struggling with infertility after a pregnancy loss and feeling stuck in sadness and unable to move forward trying to conceive, I can help you. Choose the Confusion To Clarity coaching package below, find a time on my schedule that works for you, enter your information, and click “Complete Appointment”. You will receive a confirmation email and reminders about your appointment with me with a link. (If you don’t get a confirmation email, please let me know at

Free Resource

Infertility Mental Health Checklist

Managing your mental health during infertility can be a challenge. With this checklist, you’ll learn nine tools to help you get through the struggle with your sanity.