Your Best Asset to Overcoming Your Fertility Challenges

When we think about issues with fertility, we immediately look for faults with our own bodies to trace it back to. We look for reasons to justify why we can’t conceive based off of physical evidence with our bodies. We say things like:

I’m too fat to conceive naturally.

I’ve never had regular cycles.

My body just won’t work without help. 

By thinking about these things we try to muscle our way into fertility alignment. We think that through enough medication and manipulation we will overcome the physical shortcomings we have outlined for ourselves. We invest in the idea that there will be a ‘magic pill’ that will fix it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way.

You see, the body follows the brain. Always. Consciously or subconsciously your brain is running the show 100% of the time. How you feel and how you respond in life all stem from the thoughts running around in your head.

Feel disappointed about your body? What are you thinking that is leading you there?

Feel discouraged that it is taking you multiple months to conceive? What is the thought that is driving that?

Feel hopeless about all of it? What are you making it mean about yourself?

The truth is we were born fertile, creative beings. Your body wants to conceive. As a human, you are hard-wired for the experience of fertility.

What has gotten in the way of that experience?

Your brain.

What is your ticket to returning to a state of fertility?

Your brain.

The thoughts you think are more powerful than any amount of medication you can give your body. Your mindset will contribute to building up or tearing down your fertility. Crazy, huh? What you think can lead your body toward or away from your goal of conceiving.

Your best asset in overcoming your fertility issues is your mind. By uncovering the thoughts you have regularly, you will see what is going on in your brain and the power that they have in the results you are getting.

Your results in life are a product of your thoughts. Always.

Women who invest in their minds, are in alignment with their bodies, and build their own self-awareness create better results for themselves overall, not just with their own fertility.

Are you ready to invest in your mind and take your fertility to the next level? Set up a free strategy session with me to get started.


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